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Attachment and Psychotherapy Conference

November 2006

Susan Goldberg

Toronto May 2006

Secure Base Script Research: 2005 Piaget Society Presentation
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2006 Awardees

Klaus & Karin Grossmann
Generous enthusiastic friends and mentors in the Bowlby-Ainsworth tradition.
For demonstrating the central roles of ethological observation, cross-cultural data, and longitudinal designs in attachment study.

Klaus and Karin Grossmann hold a unique place in the history of attachment study. Their landmark Bielefeld Longitudinal Project provided the first independent confirmation of key findings about attachment development and individual differences. Their explorations of cross-cultural generality and cultural sensitivity of developmental processes are an essential element in the case for attachment theory. Throughout their careers in Bielefled and Regensburg, the Grossmanns have emphasized and demonstrated the power of ethological observation, longitudinal analysis, and programmatic research. In addition to their major longitudinal studies, their contributions include enduring friendship and support for Mary Ainsworth and great generosity toward her students and others interested in attachment study. Through their extensive travels, their work as editors and translators of attachment theory and research, and their infectious enthusiasm for attachment study, they have helped knit diverse centers of research into a community of attachment study. Their success mentoring generations of students and serving as a secure base from which they have branched out to explore and make their own original contributions is a model and an enduring legacy. Individually fine scholars and scientists; together a true partnership in the Bowlby-Ainsworth tradition.


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