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Attachment and Psychotherapy Conference

November 2006

Susan Goldberg

Toronto May 2006

Secure Base Script Research: 2005 Piaget Society Presentation
Interesting Link: Circle of Security Web Site

Media Projects

Oral History

John Bowlby and Attachment Theory
Sir Richard Bowlby discusses his fathers family and education, his training with Joan Riviere and Melanie Klein, his work from Priory Gate school through the Attachment and Loss trilogy, and comments on his father's views of key concepts and the future of attachment study. Illustrated with family photographs, historic video clips, and examples of attachment behavior. Appropriate for undergraduate and graduate teaching and general interest. (E. Waters interviewer. 36 minutes - DVD/VHS)

Remembering Mary Ainsworth
Drs. Robert Marvin and Everett Waters share recollections of Mary Ainsworth from her years at Johns Hopkins through her later years in Charlottesville, Virginia. Topics include her close collaboration with John Bowlby, her perspective on the importance of careful observation and of the secure base concept, and the development of attachment study from the controversial beginnings to a place in the mainstream of developmental psychology. Unillustrated edition appropriate for graduate seminars. (50 minutes - DVD/VHS)


The Strange Situation
Everett Waters provides a overview of the Strange Situation concepts and procedure. Examples of A,B, and C classifications. From a 2001 BBC project aired in Europe. Intended for use in undergraduate teaching.
(8 minutes - DVD/VHS) ....Available May 2006.....

The Strange Situation.
Episode by episode overview of the Strange Situation procedure. Two examples of each major (ABC) calssification and examples of "disorganized" behavior. Presented and discussed by Dr. Everett Waters. (55 minutes. Forthcoming.)

Clinical Applications

The Circle Of Security
Dr. Robert Marvin's Consortium colloquium presentation of his innovative attachment based prevention/intervention program. Combines observational assessment, short term psychodynamic interventions with mother, viewing of own and others' behavior on videotape, and supervised parent-child intervention. (Approx. 2 hours. Forthcoming)

Attachment Representation in Borderline Personality Disorder
Dr. Ken Levy's Consortium colloquium presenting his research on AAI status of BPD patients before and after psychodynamic treatment. (60 minutes. DVD/VHS)

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