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Attachment and Psychotherapy Conference

November 2006

Susan Goldberg

Toronto May 2006

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2005 Awardees

Susan Goldberg
For Advancing Attachment Study
And Children’s Health. A Generous Mentor
To Colleagues And Students Alike

Susan Goldberg distinguished herself as a developmental psychologist long before her interest turned to attachment study. From her base at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children, she conducted groundbreaking work on links between secure attachment and better general health in chronically ill children. This work broadened the tradition of applying attachment study to make practical differences in children’s lives. As a co-founder of the Home County Attachment Workshop, she engaged and encouraged a network of attachment researchers and practitioners that spans southern Ontario and Quebec. Her authoritative but very personal textbook, Attachment and Development, has welcomed countless students in psychology, child health, family therapy, social work, and child psychiatry to attachment study. A fine theorist and researcher and a generous mentor to colleagues and students alike, Sue Goldberg’s hard work, wisdom, and kind heart have enriched the Bowlby-Ainsworth tradition.

Sadly, Susan Goldberg died in June 2005.



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