Gesture Focus Group    
Gesture Focus Group










Marwa Abdalla   Psychology
Karla Batres   Psychology
Frances Bottenberg   Philosophy  

Ph.D. candidate in Philosophy, Stony Brook University, M.A. Philosophy, Temple University.
  Interests: Embodied cognition broadly construed; the influences of spatial and temporal analogies, habit, and affect on abstract reasoning
Susan Brennan   Psychology & Computer Science  

Ph.D. Stanford University. Professor, Cognitive/ Experimental Psychology & Computer Science.
  Interests: Psycholinguistics, human-computer interaction, understanding psycholinguistic phenomena in communicative contexts.  
Elizabeth Cohen   Psychology  

BA psychology, Adelphi University;  Research Assistant/Lab Manager, Stony Brook University; Psychology of speech and language, Stony Brook University.
  Interests:   Speech production and development, gesture, learning development in children and adolescents.      
Weidong Cai   Psychology  

BS, BioMedical Enginnering, Shanghai Jiao Tong Univerisity, China; MA, Psychology, Peking University, China; Ph.D. Candidate, Psychology, Stony Brook University
  Interests:   Cortical circuit underlying cognitive control on the motor system; eye-hand coordinate system; eye-hand cooridinate system; cognitive function in ventrolateral prefrontal cortex  
Alexia Galati   Psychology  

B.A. Psychology, Stanford University; M.A. Social Sciences, University of Chicago; M.A. Psychology, Stony Brook University; Ph.D in Cognitive/ Experimental Psychology, Stony Brook University
  Interests:   For-the-speaker vs. for-the-addressee adjustments in speech and gesture; cross-linguistic differences in speech and gesture; effects of gesture in memory and processing, effects of multimodality on early planning    
Anna Kuhlen   Psychology

Diplom Psychology, Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany (2004).  Psychology.Ph.D. Candidate in Cognitive/Experimental Psychology.
  Interests:   Collaborative theories of communication; coordination of gesture,  eye gaze and speech in naturalistic social interactions; audience design effects in speech and gesture  
Julie Romanchuk-  Weisenberg   Linguistics

MA TESOL – SUNY at Stony Brook; PhD in Linguistics – SUNY at Stony Brook; Professional: Instructor – Stony Brook University, Full time lecturer, Department of Linguistics; LIU Brooklyn TESOL/Bilingual Ed; instructor - Lehman College ESL Middle/HS Ed

  Interests:    Audience design, gesture, bilingualism, ESL, mouthing patterns in American Sign Language.  
Joanna Souza   College of Human Development, Biology   Summa Cum Laude-Stony Brook University, Psychology; PhD candidate-Walden University, Research and Evaluative Psychology with a concentration in Health Psychology.

        Interests:   Human Evolution, history and social behavior. Possible adaptive effects of depressive symptomology.    
Svetlana Stenchikova   Computer Science
Benjamin Swets   Psychology  

Ph.D. Michigan State University. Postdoctoral Research Associate, Department of Psychology.
Interests:   Planning in language production; memory constraints on language processing; conversational interruptions.  
Georgios Tserdanelis   Linguistics
Anthony Weaver   Psychology   BS, MS Computer Science.  MA Psychology.  Doctoral Candidate Psychology.
      Interests:   Language acquisition especially early speech perception and speech segmentation, developing psycho-computational models of language acquisition, second language acquisition, language acquisition in bilinguals      
Yanhong Zhao   Applied Mathematics & Statistics   Ph.D. graduate student, Stony Brook University
  Interests:   Memory, Cognition