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Gesture Focus Group



The Gesture Focus Group is an interdisciplinary forum for addressing current directions in gesture research.  Our weekly meetings draw a consistent and lively set of participants from the Departments of Psychology, Linguistics, and Computer Science, Philosophy, Theater Arts, and Biology.

The purpose of the Gesture Focus Group is threefold:  (a) to discuss recently published articles pertaining to the role of non-verbal modalities in interaction; (b) to acquaint participants with new methodologies from various disciplines for studying gesture production and comprehension (e.g. eye-tracking, automated motion capture, and microanalysis of hand movements and speech); and (c) to generate ideas and the means to develop projects that participants would like to pursue, whether collaboratively or on their own.       

A burgeoning community of young gesture researchers has emerged at Stony Brook in the last four years. The Gesture Focus Group, founded by Alexia Galati and Anna Kuhlen in 2005, is spearheading the effort of training these researchers through its reading group, lectures, and workshops. With events such as the Speaker's Series we hope not only to provide training for the regular members of the Gesture Focus Group, but also draw interest and participation of students from other departments (see Past Events below for more information).

Past Events

calendar November 11th 2009 Guest Lecture: "Studying the emergence of human communication systems in the laboratory."      
  Bruno Galantucci, Ph.D. (Yeshiva University and Haskins Laboratories)"      
calendar September 30th 2009 Guest Lecture: "Does mimicry of co-speech gestures result from alignment in mental representations?"      
  Lisette Mol, Ph.D. candidate (Tilburg University)"      
calendar April 11th - 12th  2008 Speakers Series: "Implications of speech-gesture synchrony for theories of speech production."      
  Susan Duncan (University of Chicago) read more
calendar March 24th 2008 Guest Lecture on cross-cultural and intra-cultural variations in gesture.
  Sedinha Tessendorf, European Viadrina University, Frankfurt, Germany
calendar March 3rd 2008 Guest Lecture: "Lending a helping hand to hearing: Speech associated gestures and the relationship between Broca's area, the cortical motor system, and the mirror system."      
  Jeremy Skipper, Ph.D.
calendar December 5th 2007 Guest Lecture on shared intentionality and cooperation in animals.
  Richard Schuster, Ph.D.
calendar March 2nd - 3rd 2007 Speakers Series: "Forms and meanings of gestures: a linguistic approach to the description and analysis of gestures"                  
  Cornelia Muller (European University Viadrina, Frankfurt (Oder), Germany) read more
calendar December 1st- 3rd 2006 Speakers Series: "Gesture structure: phases, phrases and units"      
  Mandana Seyfeddinipur (Stanford University) read more

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