Cognition & Decision Making Lab

The lab focuses on complex cognitive behavior and employs variety of methods including behavioral experiments and computational modeling. For more detailed information, please see our list of publications. Related work may be found by visiting the Center for Behavioral Political Economy.

Tranmission of Information in Social Networks

This project investigates the social transmission of memory and how such transmission shapes the memories shared among individuals as the basis for understanding how social networks influence behavior. As social networks increase in size the structure of the network becomes increasingly complex. To deal with this issue, the project employs a combination of behavioral experiments and agent-based computational simulations. For additional information regarding this project, please see the project page.

Mechanisms Underlying Intertemporal Choice

We are interested in how people make decisions about things of value and particularly interested in choices that involve trade-offs between value and time. Questions we are interested include:
- How and why does delay change the value of a reward?
- What is the relationship between delay and risk?
- Why are some individuals more willing to wait for rewards than others?

Mechanisms Underlying Learning

One of the factors that allows people to deal with uncertainty is the ability to learn from past experience. Questions we are interested include:
- Do implicit and explicit learning differ in their underlying mechanisms?
- What computational formalisms most accurately describe how people learn?