Cognition & Decision Making Lab


I am co-editing a special issue on the topic of Group Decision Making in Cognitive Research: Practical Implications. Submissions are currently being solicited. More info here.


Stony Brook scientists have received major NIH funding to investigate a pioneering approach to fetal monitoring that could improve outcomes in the delivery room. More info here.


Publications for three different students. Kodi Arfer reports a study in which intertemporal choice tasks fail to predict real-world self-control behaviors. Mike Bixter and Elizabeth Trimber report a study in which intertemporal preferences appear to be "contagious". More info here.


Our new paper was just published in Psychological Science. Go check it out here!
Go here to read more about the project.


Pei-Pei and Vasiliy have had their paper regarding the "contagion" of altruistic behavior published in PLoS One. Go read it here.


NSF has funded joint work with the Rajaram lab, entitled The Propagation of Memories within Small Groups and across Social Networks. You can read all about it here.