Appreciation of Bob Holt
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The June 2009 meeting of the Rapaport-Klein Study Group was dedicated to Bob Holt who has been the senior and guiding spirit of the Group for many years now. Bob has let us know that he might not be able to attend our meetings in the future. While we hope he will drop in when he can, we thought this would be a good time to celebrate his contributions and the friendship he and his dear wife, Joan, have extended to the group and to so many of us individually. They have been wonderful friends and colleagues for decades.

In appreciation of Bob's contributions, we decided to forego the usual Saturday morning Round Robin discussion of everyone's current activities, give everyone a chance to comment on how Bob has influenced them over the years and to express their appreciation. Not everyone spoke but everyone enjoyed and concurred in the warm recollections and thanks expressed in this audio record.

Bob Holt Sustainable Breakfast

 Bob Holt at his "Sustainable Breakfast"

Audio of Bob Holt presentation (60 min):

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