A selection of articles from the Stony Brook Attachment Lab as well as classics and favorites from friends and colleagues. Note that most of the articles are scanned and reformatted for readability and to reduce file size. Text is complete (unless otherwise indicated) and citations are correct but all pages are numbered from 1. See originals if you need to cite correct page numbers.

(A few require password "stonybrook")

John Bowlby
On Describing Relationships
(Hinde, 1976)
Mary Ainsworth
Young Child In Insecure Situation
(Arsenian, 1943)
Mary Main
Growth of Independence in Young Child (Bowlby, 1956)
Nature of the Child's Tie
(Bowlby, 1958)
Inge Bretherton
Infancy in Uganda Ch 20
Everett Waters
Attachment Out of Doors
(Anderson, 1972)
Attachment and Dependency

Marinus van IJzendoorn

APA Award Address
(Ainsworth & Bowlby, 1991)

Mary Dozier

Becoming Attached
Origins of Attachment Theory
(Bretherton, 1992
Organizational Construct
(Sroufe & Waters, 1977)
Traits, Rels. & Beh. Systems
(Waters, 1981)
Learning to Love
(Waters et al., 1991)
  Patterns of Attachment
New Preface (2015)