Psychology as a science relies on research experiments. As a student in a psychology class, you will get the opportunity to take part in some of these experiments as research participants in the Subject Pool. Your experience should be educational. The goal is for you to learn what research is like in general, and you should also learn a little about the experimental hypothesis, design and methods of each experiment in which you participate.
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Research Coordinator: Cindy Forman
Psychology B 154
Phone: 631-632-7027
Subject Pool SPRING 2015:
Last day to participate in experiments is:
May 8, 2014
*Check your syllabus for additional deadlines.

If you are enrolled in multiple Psychology courses which require Subject Pool participation, your Subject Pool requirement will be the sum of the two experiment requirements. You will need to assign each experiment credit to your courses individually to be sure that your instructors are given an accurate report of your subject pool credits earned.

Do not delay in getting your credits done: Fulfill your requirement early. It is difficult to complete your credit requirement during the last week of classes since many experiments will already be full.
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