Hoi-Chung Leung , Ph.D.
Northwestern University (1997)
Associate Professor, Integrative Neuroscience
Office: Psychology B-314
Office Hours: By appointment
Phone Number: (631) 632-7820

Areas of Interest:
Cognitive neuroscience, spatial working memory, action control, eye movement control, neuroimaging.

Current Research:
Dr. Leung's primary research interest is in understanding the neural basis of cognitive processes, with particular emphasis on the contribution of the prefrontal cortex. In the past, I studied the activity of the prefrontal cortex and other cortical areas during cognitive interference and visual-spatial working memory using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). Current research continues on investigating the functional organization of the human prefrontal cortex and its interaction with posterior association areas and subcortical areas. We are studying the human prefrontal circuits during processing different forms of visual information and its role in recognition/response selection using fMRI. The lab is also interested in understanding the relationship between the abnormalities of the prefrontal cortex and cognitive dysfunctions observed in patients with psychiatric and neurological disorders.

Representative Publications:

Leung, H.-C., Gore, J.C., & Goldman-Rakic, P.S. (2005) Differential anterior prefrontal activation during the recognition stage of a spatial working memory task. Cerebral Cortex, 15, 1742-1749.

Leung, H.-C., Seelig, D., & Gore, J.C. (2004) The effect of memory load on cortical activity in the spatial working memory circuit. Cognitive, Affective & Behavioral Neuroscience, 4(4), 553-563.

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Blumberg, H., Leung, H.-C., Skudlarski, P., Lacadie, C. M., Fredericks, C. A., Harris, B. C., Charney, D., Gore, J. C., Krystal, J. H., & Peterson, B. S. (2003). An functional magnetic resonance imaging study of bipolar disorder: state- and trait-related dysfunction in ventral prefrontal cortices. Archives of General Psychiatry, 60 (6), 601-609.

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