Daniel O'Leary, Ph.D.
University of Illinois 1967
Distinguished Professor, Clinical Psychology
Office: Psychology A-110
Office Hours: Flexible, by appointment
Phone Number: (631) 632-7850


One Page Bio:

Areas of Interest:
Etiology, prevention, and treatment of psychological and physical aggression in intimate relationships; multivariate models (biological, psychological, and social) of intimate partner aggression; the bidirectional role of marital problems and depression; marital and dyad based treatments for clinical depression; prevalence and correlates of intense love.

Current Research:
My research focuses on the etiology, treatment, and prevention of partner abuse (physical and psychological aggression in intimate relations). In addition, we have been conducting research on factors in marriage that lead to clinical depression (e.g., discovery of affair, partner threatens to leave, physical aggression). Further, we are conducting research on brief treatments to reduce depression and increase marital satisfaction in couples in which one partner is clinically depressed. With colleagues, I have been especially interested in the association of alcohol use and aggression against one's partner. In particular, I have been addressing the fact that the overall association of alcohol use and engaging in physical aggression against a partner is significant but quite small. However, problematic alcohol use is significantly related to partner agression across many studies. Given the small but significant association of alcohol use and partner aggression, we are studying how factors like trait aggression or impulsivity and impulse control problems along with alcohol use predict whether one will engage in physical aggression against a partner. Our basic research interest is how one remembers factors in interpersonal encounters with ones partner. Specifically, our overall goal is to understand the factors that influence recall about physically aggressive incidents in marriage and close relationships. With collaborators, we are assessing how many different factors (genes, family background, personality disorders, brain functioning, and marital relations) operate together to predict aggression and partner aggression. Finally, with collaborators, we are evaluating predictors of intense love in long term marriages in Spain and the United States.

Publications of Dr. Daniel O’Leary During Five Year Period: 2008-2013:

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Most Recent and Current Grants:

Provost Grant $20,000 Biological Markers of Intimate Partner Aggression 2008-2010.

Neurogenetics of Inhibitory Control, NIMH, PI: Nelly Alia-Klein (O’Leary, Co-I).
Start Aug 2010- Aug 2015, $3,400,000