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Freitas, Antonio. Ph.D. Yale, 2002. Associate Professor, Social & Health
Motivation, self-regulation, social cognition, particularly identifying the goal representations that guide action.
Levy, Sheri. Ph.D. Columbia, 1998. Associate Professor, Social & Health
Lay Theories and Intergroup Relations; Social-Developmental Determinants of Prejudice; Prejudice Reduction; Sexism; Racism; Helping and Volunteerism.
Lobel, Marci. Ph.D. UCLA, 1989. Professor and Area Head, Social & Health
Stress, coping, and their effects on health, with an emphasis on pregnancy.
London, Bonita Ph.D. Columbia University, 2006. Associate Professor, Social & Health
Social identity and intergroup processes; stereotyping and prejudice, stress and coping, social and motivational factors in academic achievement.
Moyer, Anne. Ph.D. Yale, 1995. Associate Professor, Social & Health
Psychosocial issues surrounding cancer and cancer risk, medical decision making, gender and health, research methodology and meta-analysis, the psychology of research participation.
Waters, Everett. Ph.D. Univ. Minnesota, 1977. Professor, Social & Health
Interpersonal relationships; attachment relationships from infancy through adulthood.
Waters, Harriet. Ph.D. Univ. Minnesota, 1976. Professor, Social & Health
Social cognition; cognitive development, particularly development of cognitive strategies and problem solving skills.
Wortman, Camille. Ph.D. Duke, 1972. Professor, Social & Health
Bereavement, with a particular emphasis on how people react to the sudden, traumatic death of a loved one.

Research Faculty:

Aron, Arthur. Ph. D. University of Toronto, 1970. Research Professor, Social & Health
Self-expansion model of motivation and cognition in personal relationships and intergroup relations/prejudice; social neuroscience; personality/temperament.
Associated Faculty

Barbara Burkhard, Ph.D., University at Stony Brook (1976)
Assistant Professor and Director, Child Treatment Program - North Suffolk Center (Social/Health)
Child abuse and neglect.

Peter Caprariello, Ph.D., University of Rochester (2012)
Assistant Professor, College of Business
Money, relationships, and happiness.

Judith A. Crowell, M.D., University of Vermont (1978)
Associate Professor, Psychiatry (Social/Health)
Child and adolescent psychiatry; the attachment system across the life span; parent-child and adult-adult interactions.

Howard Lavine, Ph.D., University of Minnesota (1994)
Associate Professor of Political Science and Psychology (Social/Health)
Political attitudes, voting behavior, authoritarianism, persuasion.

Manuel London, Ph.D., The Ohio State University (1974)
Associate Dean and Professor, College of Business
Performance management, career development, group learning.

Joyce Sprafkin, Ph.D., University at Stony Brook (1978)
Associate Professor, Psychiatry (Clinical and Social/Health)
Child psychopathology; AHDH; tic disorders; effects of television on child behavior.

Arthur Stone, Ph.D., University at Stony Brook (1978)
Distinguished Professor, Psychiatry (Clinical and Social/Health)
Stress, coping, and illness; immune system functioning and health.