Area Head: Richard Gerrig

Overview Cognitive Science Program

Brennan, Susan. Ph.D. Stanford University, 1990. Professor, Cognitive Science
Language use and processing in communicative contexts; psycholinguistics; coordination in dialogue; collaborative cognition; human-computer interaction.
Franklin, Nancy. Ph.D. Stanford, 1989. Associate Professor, Cognitive Science
False memory, metacognitive assessments of one's own memory, situation models.
Gerrig, Richard. Ph.D. Stanford, 1984. Professor, Cognitive Science
Psycholinguistics, especially the implications of non-conventional language for theories of language processing and processes that give rise to and that follow from readers' experiences of being transported by narratives.
Luhmann, Christian Ph.D. Vanderbilt University, 2006. Assistant Professor, Cognitive Science
High-level cognition; causal and associative learning, probabilistic reasoning, economic and perceptual decision making, neuroimaging and computational modeling.
Rajaram, Suparna. Ph.D. Rice, 1991. Professor, Cognitive Science
Cognitive processes and neural structures that govern human memory and amnesia; explicit and implicit memory.
Samuel, Arthur. Ph.D. UCSD, 1979. Associate Chair and Professor, Cognitive Science
Perception, language, attention, and memory. The majority of his research in the last two decades has investigated both bottom-up and top-down processes in speech recognition.
Zelinsky, Gregory. Ph.D., Brown, 1994. Associate Professor and Area Head, Cognitive Science
Visual cognition (attention, search, scene perception, and visual working memory), with emphasis on the behavioral and computational study of eye movements in visual search.

Research Faculty:

Rachlin, Howard. Ph.D. Harvard, 1965. Research Professor, Cognitive Science
Studying choice and decision-making in humans and non-humans with the aim of understanding the psychological and economic basis of self-control, addiction, social cooperation, and altruism.

Associated Faculty
Ellen Broselow, Ph.D., U Mass Amherst 1976
Professor, Linguistics
Phonology, second language acquisition, and the interface of phonology with phonetics, morphology, and syntax.

Marie Huffman, Ph.D., UCLA 1989
Associate Professor, Linguistics
Phonetic form, prosodic phrasing and feature specification, adaptive spoken dialogue with human and computer partners.

Dimitris Samaras, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania 2001
Associate Professor, Computer Science
Computer vision, computer graphics, medical imaging, animation and simulation, image-based rendering, physics-based modeling.

Asa (Peter) Viccellio, M.D., Harvard
Professor, Emergency Medicine
Emergency medicine; overcrowding; medical errors; performance of complex tasks in demanding environments.