Conference Photos (click here)

Poster Symposium

Presentation 1 (Treboux & Crowell)
Are Attachment Representations Stable Across Phases of Development?  Transitions to Marriage and to Parenting (Click here)
Presentation 2
(Lawrence-Savane, Abbott, Mullane, Burner)
What Does the Stability of the Unresolved Classification Tell Us about It's Meaning? (Click here)
Presentation 3
(Crowell, Gao, Lawrence-Savane, Abbot, Olmsted, & Lord)

When Does Attachment Matter? Relations Among the AAI, CRI, and Behavior in the Development of Adult Partnerships  (Click here)

Presentation 4 (Elliott, Waters, & Gao)
Secure Base Support of Young Children: Are Mothers and Fathers Different? (Click here)

Presentation 5 (H. Waters & L. Rodrigues-Doolabh)   Are Attachment Scripts the Building
Blocks of Attachment Representations?   (Click here)

Individual Papers

L. Rodrigues-Doolabh, D. Wais, A. Zevallos, & R. Rodrigues - Attachment Scripts
Across Cultures  (Click here for Adobe Acrobat document in .pdf format)

D. Corcoran, J. Phillips, and D. Pederson -  The Impact of Reflective Functioning on the Intergenerational Transmission of Attachment.” (Click here)