L. Alan Sroufe - CV 2020
Attachment as an
Organizational Construct
Sroufe & Waters, 1977
Relationships, Self and
Individual Adaptation
Sroufe, 1989
Coherence of Indivdual
Sroufe, 1979
The Fate of Early Experience
After Developmental Change
Sroufe, Egeland & Kreutzer, 1990
Attachment and Adaptation in Preschool:
Roots of Maladaptation and Competence
Sroufe , 1983
Psychopathology as an
Outcomeof Development
Sroufe, 1997
Attachment and Dependency
in Developmental Perspective
Sroufe, Fox & Pancake, 1983
One Social World: Parent-Child
and Peer Relationships
Sroufe, Egeland, Carlson, 1999

Attachment Classifications, Infant-
Caregiver Relationshipsand Temperament
Sroufe, 1985

Attachment and Development:
A Study From Birth to Adulthood
Sroufe, 2005
Bowlby's Contribution to
Sroufe, 1986
The Place of Development in
Developmental Psychopathology
Sroufe, 2007
Attachment and Construction
of Relationships
Sroufe & Fleeson, 1986

Then and Now: The Legacy
Of Attachment Research
Sroufe, A&HD, in press