SRCD 2009 New York Attachment Consortium
Reception and
Bowlby-Ainsworth Award Presentations

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Reception was held in the Museum Room of the Denver Crown Plaza Hotel

Invitation list has grown from 75 ten years ago to over 160 this year.

Everett Waters and Inge Bretherton recalled 1999 SRCD in Albuquerque
where they convened a celebration in honor of Mary Ainsworth's life and career.

For the 1999 celebration Ursula Bowlby Sent These Memories of Mary Ainsworth:

Mary often stayed with us at Wyldes Close Corner and there were
few things John enjoyed more than days spent with her, papers all over our
big dining-room table and the two of them deep in discussion.
We stayed with her too, in Baltimore and Charlottesville, and in between
they corresponded frequently by letter.

Theirs was such a long, fruitful partnership. Her work was, I know, a
tremendous reassurance to John, that he was on the right track. He never
lacked confidence, but having Mary Ainsworth's work underpinning his own
meant a very great deal to him.

John was an explorer, venturing into uncharted territory, and Mary
Ainsworth's data provided him with signposts. Moreover she was such an ally
-- and he needed this.

Everett recalled how the 1999 celebration closed:

"Mary was proud of her military service in the Canadian Forces and in that tradition when a colleague
has finished a career of good service their comrads acknowlege them with three cheers."

As we did at the 1999 celebration, the 2009 NY Attachment Consortium Reception
and Award Ceremony accorded Mary Ainsworth three cheers:

Everett & Inge: ......Hip! Hip!
Guests: ..................Hurray!.

.Everett & Inge: ......Hip! Hip!
Guests: ..................Hurray!.

Everett & Inge: ......Hip! Hip!
Guests: ..................Hurray!.

Everett presenting Inge a pear shaped pendant watch
reminiscent of those Mary Ainsworth enjoyed.

Gary Cox-Steiner, Ph.D.(Co-Founder New York Attachment Consortium
President Center for Mental Health Promotion)
Alan Sroufe (Univ. Minnesota, 2009 SRCD Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award)

Christoph Heinicke, M.D. (U.C.L.A.) and Alan Sroufe (Univ. Minnesota)

Mary Main and Erik Hesse (U.C. Berkeley)

Marinus vanIJzendoorn (Leiden, Netherlands), Mary Main and Erik Hesse,
Marian Bakersman-Kranenburg (Leiden)

Deanne and David Pederson (Univ. Western Ontario)

Joe Allen (Univ. Virginia), Roger Kobak (Univ. Delaware), Andy Collins (Univ. Minnesota)


2009 Bowlby-Ainsworth Awards

The Bowlby-Ainsworth Awards are presented biennially in recognition of contributions to attachment study and to the Bowlby-AInsworth tradition of scholarship, generosity, and mentoring. The awards are given in two categories.

The First is awarded typically to younger contributors. The criterion is not celebrity but that in the enthusiasm, idealism, generosity that characterizes their work there is something to celebrate. They create an environment around them that recalls Ainsworth's & Bowlby's excitement, and the excitement in Mary's lab in Baltimore, when everyone was young, new discoveries were at hand, and there was a sense of community and a sense that it was all so important. On these shoulders the future good health of the Bowlby-Ainsworth tradition rests. Past recipients include German Posada, Marian Bakermans-Kranenburg, Betty Carlson, and Mary Dozier, among others.

For Studies of Attachment Measurement and Mentoring and for Generous Collaborations in the Bowlby-Ainsworth Tradition, Dave Pederson and Mary Dozier presented the first of the 2009 Bowlby Ainsworth Awards to ...... Annie Bernier.

Annie Bernier (University of Montreal)

Annie Bernier, Mary Dozier (Univ. Delaware), Dave Pederson (Univ. Western Ontario)

Annie and her new "friend".

"For Studies of Attachment Measurement and Mentoring and for Generous
Collaborations in the Bowlby-Ainsworth Tradition."


................George Tarabulsy (Univ. Laval), Annie, ... ............................Annie and Andrea Gonzalez
....................Mireille Joussemet.(Univ. Montreal)...........................................(McMaster Univ.)............

Second Award Category we might call Senior or Founders Awards. Over the years awardees have included Joyce & Jimmy Robertson, Chris Heinicke, Inge Bretherton, Klaus & Karin Grossmann, Dave Pederson & Greg Moran, and at the last SRCD Alan Sroufe, Mary Main. Some of these have been designated Special Awards - Dorothy Southern, Joe Lichtenberg, Bob & Cherry Marvin, and Morris Eagle.

The first 2009 Founder Award is to Jeremy Holmes, M.D. (Devon, England; Honorary Consultant in Psychotherapy, Tavistock Clinic, London). The award is in recognition of his conceptual work on attachment theory, his work on brief attachment informed interventions, a career devoted to public service by the advancement of of psychotherapy teaching and practice, and his celebrated books, John Bowlby and Attachment Theory (1993) and 2001 - The Search For The Secure Base (2001).

Dr. Holmes could not be present. Miriam and Howlard Steele and Arietta Slade are arranging a presentation in London to coincide with the launch of Dr. Holmes latest book this Fall. He sends his thanks and appreciation.

The second 2009 senior Bowlby-Ainsworth Award was presented by Inge Bretherton to a friend and colleague who will always come to mind when we speak of the Founders of Attachment Theory ..... Mary Main.

2009 Bowlby-Ainsworth Award to Mary B. Main

"For Ground Breaking Work in Moving Attachment to the Level of Representation:
A Turning Point in Research and Clinical Applications"

Inge Bretherton (Univ. Wisconsin), Mary Main (U.C. Berkeley),
Everett Waters (SUNY Stony Brook and NY Attachment Consortium)


Inge Bretherton presenting the 2009 award and recalling her and Mary Main's graduate
school adventures in Mary Ainsworth's lab at Johns Hopkins Baltimore.

Mary B. Main 2009 Bowlby-Ainsworth Award

Mary Main - Erik Hesse Lab (U.C. Berkeley)
Alberto Armengual (kneeling left), Mary Main, Paul Meinz
Erik Hesse, Kazuko Behrens,Anne Rifkin-Graboi, Naiomi Gribneau
(kneeking right), Kristen Blount-Matthews & Elizabeth


Awards are known only to the Awards Committee prior to the presentations . This year, in an end run around the Awards Committee Chair, Gary Cox Steiner and Alan Sroufe organized a surprise Bowlby-Ainsworth Award to Everett Waters. The award inscription read "Staunch Defender of the Core of Attachment Theory and Defender of Methodological Rigor".


Alan Sroufe announcing the award. .............................................Presentation by Gary Cox-Steiner....................

After the award presentations, a good time was had by all.

Gary Cox-Steiner (NYAC), Daryn David (Yale), Jessica Borelli (Yale, UCLA, Asst. Prof. Pomona College)
Chris Heinicke (UCLA), Everett Waters (Stony Brook/NYAC)

Kathleen O'Conner, Tara Morley, Ya Xue, Ann Robson
(Univ. Western Ontario)

Leslie Atkinson (Ryerson Univ., Toronto), Judi Mesman (Leiden Univ., Netherlands)
Greg Moran (Univ. Western Ontario)

Nana Shin (Auburn), Brian Vaughn (Auburn), Manuella Verissimo (ISPA, Lisbon,Portugal)
Ligia Montiero ( LISPA, post-doc)

Theo Waters (Emory Univ.)
Judy Crowell (Stony Brook Psychiatry /NYAC)

Roger Kobak (Univ. Delaware), Serina Messina (Univ. Texas Austin)
German Posada (Purdue Univ.)


Marian Bakersman-Kranenburg (Leiden), Baby Georgia), and Jay Belsky (Univ. Lomdon)

Keng Ling Lay (National Taiwan Univ.), Harriet Waters (Stony Brook/NYAC)

Kelly Bost (Univ. Illinois Chicago Circle), Nana Shin (Auburn)
Manuella Verissimo (ISPA, Lisbon)

Susan Woodhouse (Penn State Univ.), Everett Waters

Brian Vaughn (Auburn Univ.), Glenn Roisman (Univ. Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)



Judy Crowell, M.D. (SUNY Stony Brook Psychiatry / NYAC)

Elia Psouni (Kristanstad University, Sweden),
Bjarne Holmes (Heriott-Watt Univ., Edinburgh, Scotland)

Anne Tharner (Leiden), Maartje Lujik (Leiden)

Kiyomi Kondo-Ikemura (Hokaido Univ.), Everett Waters, Kathy Kerns (Kent State Univ.)

Arieta Slade (Columbia Univ.), Chris Heinicke, Alan Sroufe


Theo Waters (Emory Univ.), Widaad Zaman (Emory Univ.), Harriet Waters (SUNY Stony Brook / NYAC)

Laureen Teti (Penn State Univ.) Everett Waters, Doug Teti (Penn State Univ.)

Yair Ziv (WESTAT, Rockville, Md.), Judy Crowell,
Sarit Guttman-Steinmetz (Univ. Haifa, Israel)

Roger Kobak (Univ. Delaware), Alan Sroufe (Univ. Minnesota)


Mary Mian (U.C. Berkeley), Mary Dozier (Univ. Delaware)


Mary Main, Jude Cassidy (Univ. Maryland)

Mary Mian, Brian Vaughn

Mary Dozier (Univ. Delaware), Chantal Cyr (Univ. Montreal),
Dave pederson (Univ. Western Ontario)

Marinus van IJzendoorn (Leiden), Mary Main (U.C. Berkeley)

Kathleen O'Conner, Tara Morley, Ya Xue, Sandi Bento,Ann Robson
(Univ. Western Ontario) with Everett Waters


June and Alan Sroufe

Olag Carbonell, Gareen Kaloustian, German Posada (Purdue Univ.)
Roberto Posada (Xavierana Univ., Bogata)
Anna Zevallos (City College of NY), and Friends

Adela Apetriaia (SUNY Stony Brook), German Posada (Purdue)

Gary Cox-Steiner and Leslie Atkinson

Everett Waters and Mary Main

Andrea Gonzales (McMaster Univ., Ontario), Leslie Atkinson (Ryerson Univ., Toronto)
Deanne Pederson (Univ. Western Ontario), Sandi Bento (Univ. Western Ontario)

Deanne and Dave Pederson (Univ. Western Ontario)

Patricia Barrig-Jo (Univ. of the Andes, Peru),
Johana Zapata (INDICASAT Res. Inst., Panama)

Antonio Santos (ISPA, Lisbon, Portugal)

The pause that refreshes!
(Elizabeth Blount-Matthews - Berkeley, CA)


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