New AAI Training Institutes

Summer 2011 -Winter 2012

Dr. Mary Main and Dr. Erik Hesse

Berkeley AAI Institute

Faculty Club, Faculty Glade, Berkeley Campus

January 3 -- January 14, 2012

                  "The institute is filled.  Please contact the individuals listed below for (a) an institute to be held January 2012 in Norway, and (b) others to be held later within the year".

David and Deanne Pederson
August 7th to August 19th, 2011
University of Western Ontario
Contact Dr. David Pederson at

Dr. Sonia Gojman de Millán

March 19-30, 2012
Washington School of Psychiatry

Research Center of the Socio-Psychoanalytic Seminar.


Drs. Nino Dazzi and Deborah Jacobvitz
Contact: or

Dr. June Sroufe

Oct. 17 - Oct. 21

2012 Nordic AAI-Institute

Oslo, Nowray, January 23 - February 3, 2010. Throughout the institute, the English language will be used for teaching.

Tord Ivarsson, MD. Ph.D.
Assoc. Professor
Göteborg University University
Tel. + 46 31 343 68 24
E-mail:Tord Ivarsson <>

Anders Broberg, Ph. D.
Professor of Clinical Psychology
Göteborg Tel. + 46 31 786773 1703
E-mail: <>